Charlton’s Coffeehouse Opening

Next Friday, November 20th, 2009, will be the official opening of Richard Charlton’s Coffeehouse in Williamsburg, Virginia. The reconstruction of this building and the interpretive planning have been an intense two-year project involving people across the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The results are indeed spectacular, so be sure to visit if you’ll be in the area. I understand that the coffee is pretty tasty, too.

There are piles of information on the project at the official CWF website. Start with the announcement here.

3 thoughts on “Charlton’s Coffeehouse Opening

  1. I will be certain to stop in the next time I’m down that way! (Sounds as though it will remind me a lot of the 18th century tavern in Maine that used to serve tea, cider and cinnamon toast when I was a child!)

  2. I can’t wait for my next visit to Williamsburg; last time we enjoyed a fabulous tour. It will be great to see how this very interesting project has taken shape, but I am suspicious about the “tastiness” of the coffee. 18th c coffee preparation, tasty? Really? I want to know more about the historic methods of brewing a cuppa joe Colonial-style. Or will they serve me up a Mocha Frappajefferccino? Or a Carmel Wythiatto?

    1. The coffee will be prepared in a set of period correct Flavia machines. You’re right about ancient brewing methods. Like 18th-century medicine, some things are better left to the historic imagination.

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