Frame up, shingles on

I got a special thrill this weekend when I got to see the new cottage 1 in person for the first time. After months of anticipation, of staring at drawings and computer models, it’s immensely satisfying to see a building in the flesh. And it looks every bit as good as I’d hoped.

On Saturday morning, I did a framing walk-through with Art to review the progress, ensure that everything looks right (it does) and confirm the electrical layout. Art noted that he appreciated the simplicity of the design. And I appreciate how careful he is with all aspects of the construction. The house is tight—even without any insulation installed, it was tolerable and remarkably quiet inside on a day when the thermometer read 18 degrees and the wind was whipping off the bay.

Next steps outside are to complete the installation of the roof over the bedroom side and finish the siding. Inside, it’s time for the electrical rough-in and then insulation. Amazingly, despite our town approvals taking a few weeks longer than I anticipated, we’re still on schedule to be finished on June 1, which is less than 90 days away. I’ve been around enough building projects to be astounded at how well things continue to go.

With that, here are some photos of the house as it stood on Saturday. You can see pretty clearly how it all fits together, how it sits on the site, and how the light comes into the interior at different times of the day. The brightest interior photographs were taken in the afternoon, when the sun is streaming in through the large windows on the bay side.

Eastham weather this morning: 33 degrees, sunny

What’s happening on site: shingling, maybe roofing

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