The End is Near

We’re about two weeks from being finished, a few days behind schedule, but given that construction didn’t start until January, pretty extraordinary.

This update is just to post some of the photographs from Friday’s rainy site visit. There was much happening on site. The hardi-panel at the two doors was finally in place so the roof flashing was being installed above both doors. The supplier got the order wrong so these will need to be painted on site (instead of at the factory) but this is a small enough hiccup, in the scheme of things. It is irritating, though, as the panel order held up completion of the exterior and then still was wrong anyway.

The plywood interior looks excellent. Art’s crew has gone to some trouble to install them neatly, even using a little burr to clean up the holes made for the trim-head screws. I’ve never seen putty holes so perfectly round. The results speak for themselves in the photos. My favorite view in this set is in the stairway, where you have a clear sense of passing between floors as you walk up past the horizontal panel line at the first floor ceiling.

There’s still a bit of finish work to do, as you’ll see. The baseboard element in the walls won’t be installed until after the floors have been finished, which will happen this week or next. And the plumbing fixtures, similarly, await the installation of the soapstone counters. The last little bit of finish work on the interior is the application of a water-based sealer on the walls (regular polyurethane would turn them yellow). This is already done in the upstairs bedroom, where it’s easy enough to see that the birch has retained its wonderfully light, creamy color. The biggest outstanding item is the set of shelves in the alcove at the top of the stairs but this should also be done this week.

Hard to believe we’re this close. Feels like we just got started.



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