Boston Public Library Historic Photographs on Flickr

Birthplace of John Adams, Quincy, Mass., taken 1929 by Leon Abdalian, originally uploaded by Boston Public Library. We’ve become spoiled, and a little jaded, perhaps, by great resources like HABS and the New York Public Library’s on-line image collections but there’s a huge amount of newly digitized historic material still being put on the web. […]

Flickr as image backup

A good friend is a tenured scholar at a small school that does not routinely provide secure network storage space to its faculty. She described art and architecture students keeping their digital work on USB drives and revealed that her second book manuscript resides on her laptop and, occasionally, gets backed up onto a CD. […]

Excellent Tag Navigation Tool for Flickr

Tag Galaxy is a simple, elegant, visual browser for Flickr images, and much more intuitive than trying to search for images within Flickr itself (despite the helpfulness of Clusters). Follow the link, type a tag to start with, and start browsing or narrowing your selection as you wish. Results come up as a set of […]