Charlton’s Coffeehouse Opening

Next Friday, November 20th, 2009, will be the official opening of Richard Charlton’s Coffeehouse in Williamsburg, Virginia. The reconstruction of this building and the interpretive planning have been an intense two-year project involving people across the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The results are indeed spectacular, so be sure to visit if you’ll be in the area. […]

Charlton’s Coffeehouse Frame-Raising

Those within an hour’s drive of Williamsburg should come this Saturday, December 20th, to watch the heavy timber frame of Charlton’s Coffeehouse be raised into place. The front wall and the upper level floor system will be erected starting at 9am, at the east end of Duke of Gloucester Street. The frame has been cut […]

Colonial Williamsburg gets Blogged!

As an employee of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, on the one hand,¬†and a digital hack, on the other, I often feel like I live in two very separate worlds: one deliberately off the grid; the other utterly dependent upon it. Occasionally, they collide, as in our Ravenscroft blog, covering our archaeolgical field school in 2007 […]

News from Peru

Check out this post by my friend Jeremiah on some artifacts in the Ica Regional Museum, whose delights include a two-headed pot depicting a father teaching a son how to decapitate captured enemies (am I crazy or do those words have the same root*?) and a measly $1.45 charge for permission to photograph the artifacts. […]

Remote Sensing Extravaganza

The Boston Globe reports on a project at the Paul Revere House that combines laser scanning and ground-penetrating radar to form an above-and-below ground 3D model of the site (don’t miss the nifty fly-through). It’s an extravagant, expansive project, and rare in its combination of above and below-ground spatial data in a single model. The […]

Museums without Wall Text

(Deepest Apologies to the ghost of Andre Malraux) The Scholarly Kitchen writes today about the promise of human interfaces that would scan for information embedded in the environment and pass along relevant data to the user via a cell-phone, special glasses, etc. I’m not interested in having electrodes attached to me to allow a stranger […]

Meet My Brother the Artist

If you’re going to be near Framingham, Massachusetts on May 31, be sure to make your way to the Danforth Museum of Art for the opening of “Off the Wall,” a juried show curated by Carole Anne Meehan of ICA/Boston, where my brother David will be glad to shake your hand and show you his […]