Lovely, Lovely Plywood

The interior of the new cottage will be finished with plywood and the first few pieces have gone up on the walls. They look fantastic, even in Art’s cell-phone camera shot included below. Seeing those sheets in place brought a little tear to my eye—after the framing, this feels like the next major milestone and […]

Intensity of Caring

For Fay Jones, architectural details were a “measure of the intensity of caring” in a building. It’s a nice sentiment. Certainly, I’ve taken much care with some of the details in this house, including very small things like how little overhang there is on the eaves—just an inch where the metal hangs over the shingles […]

Frame up, shingles on

I got a special thrill this weekend when I got to see the new cottage 1 in person for the first time. After months of anticipation, of staring at drawings and computer models, it’s immensely satisfying to see a building in the flesh. And it looks every bit as good as I’d hoped. On Saturday […]

Fronts and Backs

Something that has always perplexed me about the original cottages has been which is the front and which is the back. When Crisse asks me to get the sunscreen from the front bedroom in cottage 2, I have to check both rooms. I’m never quite sure, even after 17 years or so, which is which. […]

Anticipation (is making us wait)

Now we’re cooking, at last. Just before Christmas, Art and his crew cleared Kingsbury Shores cottage 1 (aka 45A Longstreet Lane, if you’re following along from the Eastham town offices) off of its foundations. In the space of a cold Cape Cod week, they cleared the site for work, removed the old frame structure, and […]