Oh Frabjous Day

So that’s it–we’ve done it. Kingsbury Shores Cottage 1 version 2.0 is finished, all buttoned up except for a few loose ends. We keep getting compliments from both friends and strangers on how great it looks. I take some pride in that but I’m also quick to point out that it wouldn’t look half as […]

Where we’ve come from

  It’s hard for people my age to imagine a time when the Cape wasn’t the principal summer destination in New England; when traffic backups at the Bourne and Sagamore Bridges weren’t purgatorial and the Stop and Shops weren’t super-sized. In 1988, residents were so frustrated and dismayed with the modern scale and pace of […]

We’re building

It’s taken four months of design revisions, applications, negotiations, and public hearings but it’s finally happening. We’ve sent a big deposit and a signed contract to our builder, Art Hultin, we have approval from the Town of Eastham Zoning Board of Appeals and Conservation Commission, and now we await only the final permit from the […]