Charlton’s Coffeehouse Opening

Next Friday, November 20th, 2009, will be the official opening of Richard Charlton’s Coffeehouse in Williamsburg, Virginia. The reconstruction of this building and the interpretive planning have been an intense two-year project involving people across the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The results are indeed spectacular, so be sure to visit if you’ll be in the area. […]

Punk-Ass Squirrels of Williamsburg

This past weekend, my wife came home to find three suspicious squirrels having a confab under my 1995 Volvo 850 T5-R, a lovely, lovely car that was parked in the driveway. They bolted when she pulled in, as squirels will do when they’re up to no good. Later that day, when she started the Volvo, […]

2009 CWF/William and Mary Field School in Architecture

Prospective scholars of early American architectural history, take note: College of William and Mary and Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Architectural Field School, History 490/590 July 6-August 7, 2009 Williamsburg, Virginia   Carl Lounsbury, Instructor               The Colonial Williamsburg Architectural Research Department in conjunction with the College of William and Mary’s National Institute of American History […]

Colonial Williamsburg gets Blogged!

As an employee of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, on the one hand, and a digital hack, on the other, I often feel like I live in two very separate worlds: one deliberately off the grid; the other utterly dependent upon it. Occasionally, they collide, as in our Ravenscroft blog, covering our archaeolgical field school in 2007 […]