Catalog of Digital Manuscripts

The Chronicle reported Tuesday about the Catalog of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts. This is a simple, lovely new resource developed by a UCLA professor of English, Matthew Fisher, to identify and index the digital manuscripts that are currently scattered across the web and difficult to find. It’s a very simple idea, and not one designed for its commercial appeal but […]

Digitization and Disciplines

Willard McCarty’s recent post to the Humanist discussion list, number 22.008, was a response to a 1984 talk by folklorist Bruce Jackson, “Things That from a Long Way off Look like Flies,” on the history of folklore as a discipline and the nature of folkloristic evidence. Willard’s post, “The Fragility of Boundaries,” ended with the following observation: The manipulatory abilities […]

A Blog? Seriously?

How can anyone with any claim to scholarship spend time on something as seemingly frivolous and self-absorbed as a blog? To be sure, there is no shortage of dreck on the web but a weblog is no more and no less than a medium for written communication and therefore a useful tool. I have taken up this […]