Nashville, TN Downtown Presbyterian Church ~ interior

There are still plenty of surprises out there.
I didn’t know about this building: an Egyptian Revival Presbyterian church by William Strickland, 1851, in Nashville, TN. What was going on among the Presbyterians of Nashville to make this thing happen? Thanks to ArmyArch for posting this mind-bending building.

2 thoughts on “Nashville, TN Downtown Presbyterian Church ~ interior

  1. I was lucky enough to get inside this church during a tour with SESAH in 2007. Totally wacky is the phrase that comes to mind, and for Presbyterians, of all denominations, to have thought it was perfectly acceptable for a Christian church to look like the inside of an Egyptian temple . . . wow! They were either pretty self-confident in their own beliefs or actually had no idea what they believed.

  2. So startlingly unexpected in a church! Thanks for sharing. (And I especially like the aesthetic touch of putting the congregation in purple t-shirts to coordinate with the color scheme)

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