Flickr as image backup

A good friend is a tenured scholar at a small school that does not routinely provide secure network storage space to its faculty. She described art and architecture students keeping their digital work on USB drives and revealed that her second book manuscript resides on her laptop and, occasionally, gets backed up onto a CD. […]


edwired has a series of posts on the recent THATCamp at CHNM at George Mason. It sounds like it was an exciting, productive weekend. The website and blog associated with it are rich resources, overflowing with useful links for people interested in technology and the humanities. There are a lot of very interesting projects underway […]

Teraflops for the Rest of Us

I missed this announcement while I was on the road but back in April, the Chronicle of Higher Ed reported that the NEH Office of Digital Humanities is sponsoring a grant program that will offer 100,000-hour bits of supercomputing time at the Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory. The plan is to get humanities researchers joining chemists, physicists and […]

Computers and Fieldwork

After being diverted and delayed for 24 hours due to bad weather in Chicago, I returned late last night from the 2008 annual meeting of the Vernacular Architecture Forum in Fresno, CA, where, among other things, I was elected to the board of directors, to thunderous applause. At least that’s how I remember it. At […]

Computer History Museum

Last night I arrived, for the first time, in California. I’m staying in the Bay Area for a few days before the 2008 meeting of the Vernacular Architecture Forum in Fresno. One of my first stops was at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, a stone’s throw or two from the Google headquarters (one […]

A Blog? Seriously?

How can anyone with any claim to scholarship spend time on something as seemingly frivolous and self-absorbed as a blog? To be sure, there is no shortage of dreck on the web but a weblog is no more and no less than a medium for written communication and therefore a useful tool. I have taken up this […]