Meet My Brother the Artist

If you’re going to be near Framingham, Massachusetts on May 31, be sure to make your way to the Danforth Museum of Art for the opening of “Off the Wall,” a juried show curated by Carole Anne Meehan of ICA/Boston, where my brother David will be glad to shake your hand and show you his two paintings in the show. After the 31st, you won’t see too much of David but you will be able to see his work, which will be up until August 3rd.

If you can’t make it to Framingham, you can get a little bit of David at the world’s simplest website here. Click around and enjoy.

Two of David's prints

2 thoughts on “Meet My Brother the Artist

  1. I edit Metrowest magazine, which covers the western suburbs of Boston. I saw your blog mention of your brother, David Klee. Where does he live? If he is within our coverage area, we may want to feature his paintings

  2. Steve:
    I’m sure David would be very interested to hear from you. He lives in Newton. Contact me off-line at jklee[at] and I’ll put you in touch with him,

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