2008 William and Mary/CWF Fieldschool in Architecture

401 East Broughton Street, Humphrey B. Gwathney House

Prospective scholars of early American architectural history, take note:

For the current 2009 fieldschool announcement, see here.

College of William and Mary and Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Architectural Field School, History 490/590

June 30-August 1, 2008

Williamsburg, Virginia

Carl Lounsbury, Instructor

The Colonial Williamsburg Architectural Research Department in conjunction with the College of William and Mary’s National Institute of American History and Democracy offers a five-week course this summer that is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. This field school introduces students to the methods used in the investigation and recording of buildings. On-site examination of structures in the Historic Area of Williamsburg and visits to buildings in the surrounding Tidewater region follow several introductory lectures on building technology and architectural features. The program is intended to help students distinguish the form, fabrication, and assembly of materials and building elements and understand their chronology. They will learn how to apply field evidence to answer larger questions concerning architectural and social history.

The fourth week is devoted to investigating and recording buildings on location away from Williamsburg. The field school will return to Beaufort, South Carolina, to assist the local preservation society in recording town houses and plantation sites. Back in Williamsburg for the last week, students will convert their fieldwork into measured drawings using a CAD program and write reports on their sites.

This class will meet four days a week from 10:00 to 4:30. It will require travel (in a van) and some physical exercise–mainly climbing and squeezing. Students must be enrolled for the course through the College of William and Mary. The cost of travel and accommodations in Beaufort will be covered by the program. For more information, please email Carl Lounsbury at clounsbury@cwf.org or call (757) 220-7654.

More information, including two research reports from past years, is available on the NIAHD website, here.

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