Distractions for Braniacs

As long as you’re killing time on the web, or waiting for your delayed flight to board, you might as well be learning about existentialism.

Open Culture has a compiled a list of college lectures, organized by subject, that are available as free mp3s and YouTube videos. It also includes, at the bottom, links to downloadable lecture collections from a handful of major universities. The Yale site includes some very nice recordings from the School of Music (where I once worked, very happily, in the recording studio).

Want to dip your toe into archaeology? Or marketing, or cognitive psychology? If you’ve got a computer and 45 minutes to spare, start here.

A tip of the hat to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus column. Follow this link to read some anxious comments about the degree to which freely available video and audio can replace live teaching at the university level.

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