Excellent Tag Navigation Tool for Flickr

Tag Galaxy is a simple, elegant, visual browser for Flickr images, and much more intuitive than trying to search for images within Flickr itself (despite the helpfulness of Clusters). Follow the link, type a tag to start with, and start browsing or narrowing your selection as you wish. Results come up as a set of thumbnails applied to a slowly spinning globe, which can be selected to load the image in Flickr.

In five minutes of noodling around, I found an amazing collection of images of New Orleans buildings, here–it’s an ad hoc architectural survey that includes, at the moment, almost 1,500 images.  This is how the web is supposed to work: searching leads to browsing, which leads to discovery of new and marvelous resources you wouldn’t have found through a simple search. I didn’t know it existed, so I never would have thought to look for “New Orleans Architectural History Survey.” What a great project, and what a great tool that led me to it.

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